Writing Project – Wikispace

This assignment provides you an opportunity to further your understanding of a specific topic or issue that relates to one of the neurological structures or neurophysiological systems addressed in the course and to share your knowledge in an educational, tutorial-type format. Working independently or with a classmate, identify a topic of interest that relates to the neural basis of movement. Your topic idea will need to be approved by me before you begin working on your Wiki tutorial. So, send an email describing the topic you have selected. I intend to minimize replication of topics with approval being on a first-come, first-served basis. Once approved, you will need to research your topic using primary scientific literature, books and textbooks, and selected web resources. Your tutorial should be written to an audience similar to yourself (i.e., upper-level kinesiology student) and should include the components listed in the outline below.

Wiki Tutorial Outline:
· Overview or introductory paragraph
· Functional anatomical review (including structure(s), location…)
· Input & Output pathways (e.g., neuronal connections)
· Presentation of the topic or issue in detail
· Summary or concluding paragraph
· Glossary of terms
· Listing of relevant links or suggesting readings (include a brief description of content)
· Quiz questions & answers (5-10 Multiple Choice / T-F & 3-5 Short Answer / Essay)
· References

You will need to integrate content from at-least 5 primary research articles into your tutorial.

It is expected that you will include images, Web links and/or other media formats within your text to supplement, clarify and/or expand concepts, principles and/or issues. As with any content that is not yours, you need to be respectful of copyright laws. When using images in your tutorial include the image's URL below the image and provide a hyperlink to the image's address.

Clarity of presentation, accuracy of the science, appropriate figures and graphs, documented sources of information, appropriate font, and of course good grammar and spelling will be considered in grading. Your references should be consistent with the formatting used in journals published by the American Physiological Society (http://www.the-aps.org/publications/authorinfo/examplerefs.htm).